Sending your shipments using Italy's premier private carrier, Nexive with has never been easier!

It's really simple to create labels for your parcels and packages in a number of ways; manually, batch upload, the chrome extension, or even using your eCommerce platform.

How it works....

After you've created your shipment/s and have downloaded and attached your label/s - we will arrange for your parcels to be collected. Please note that the cut off time to finish creating your labels is before 17:45 (promptly) in order to ensure that your parcels will be collected for the next day. 

Following this, you will receive your waybill with the complete shipping information via email, a few hours after the close of business. Your parcels will be collected on the following day.

We may apply an additional charge for collecting your parcels depending on the number of parcels you send per day - however this charge is typically waived, if you send more than 4 parcels a day. For less than 4 parcels a day there is a collection charge of 4,00, excluding VAT.

Please note - We currently do not operate a drop off service for Nexive, however we are working hard on making this available for your customers and we hope to have this ready soon.

Parcel collection with Nexive operates from Monday to Friday, and collection times are from 9am - 6pm. It is important to have your waybill handy to show to the driver, in the case that it is requested. 

Following this, a driver will collect the parcel/s and take it to a central collection hub. This is where your parcels are sorted and then forwarded to your customers.

Collection times are pre-arranged by the Nexive central delivery depot, which organises all collection drivers daily rounds. Your parcel is added to the drivers collection rounds after your waybill has been generated. This means that if you have created your parcel, after you have received your waybill, the package will not be collected until the following collection day - which is typically a working day.

It is also possible to add liability coverage to your parcels, should you need to.

To find out more information about Nexive, liability coverage, or if you have any questions, regarding any aspect of - please get in touch with us here.