With MyParcel.com, you can now take advantage of our consolidation option for international shipments created using Spring services, with direct injection into our partner Carrier warehouse in Como.

How it works....

Create the international labels for the parcels you wish to send, using your carrier of choice in the MyParcel.com portal.

Once you have created your shipping labels for all of your parcels, you will need to collate them and add them into a single package. 

No need to worry about any of your Nexive international shipments, they'll still be collected as scheduled according to your waybill.

Next, you can create a single Nexive shipping label with the following details;

Consolidated Shipments

Via Manzoni, 19, 

22070 Montano Lucino CO, 


Be sure to add your own email and telephone number, to the shipment details, in order to be kept up to date with the shipments tracking information.

Once you've downloaded your label, please attach it securely to your consolidation box, that you have also sealed, ready to be collected.

Your consolidation shipment will be collected the following day and sent to our Como Warehouse, where the contents of the packages will be sorted and sent onto their final destinations.